The Time is Wright by Orean D. Chatman


Welcome to my official web site, thank you for visiting. The Time Is Wright is the first of what I hope to be many more books. While you are here please take a minute to send me any questions or comments about my book or my web site. My goal is to make each book better than the last, with your comments and encouragement I will be able to do that.

If you have not read my book yet, you can read the first chapter. Thanks again, and don’t forget to let me know what you think, or if you just want to say hello, you can do that as well. I plan to post the comments as they come in. Don’t be surprise if I drop you an email or give you a call to say thank you.

The Time is Wright
Hits Dallas Morning News Bestseller List

SUNDAY, NOV 19, 2006

1. Holy Ghost Corner, by Michele Andrea Bowen
2. Satin Nights, by Karen Quinones Miller
3. When Somebody Loves You Back, by Mary B. Morrison
4. She Ain't the One, by Carl Weber and Mary B. Morrison
5. Divas of Damascus Road, by Michelle Stimpson
6. God Don't Play, by Mary Monroe
7. The Time Is Wright, by Orean Chatman
8. Fear of the Dark, by Walter Mosley
9. Not Easily Broken, by T.D. Jakes
10. Do You Take This Woman?, by RM Johnson

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